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Meet Linus Ohman: A Journey of Joy, Innovation, and Empowerment

Hey There! Welcome to My World of Endless Possibilities (and Laughter)!

Greetings! I’m Linus Öhman, your guide in the exhilarating realm of digital innovation. My 25-year odyssey through the digital landscape has been a delightful blend of curiosity, learning, and a bit of unexpected genius (did I mention discovering my IQ in my 30s? What a surprise!).

From Curiosity to Financial Wizardry

Imagine a world where finance is fun – that’s where I come from. Learning everything about finance from scratch, I turned challenges into opportunities and smiles. It’s not just about financial success; it’s about enjoying the journey!

A Resilient Trailblazer with a Heartfelt Laugh

Every entrepreneur has a tale of ups and downs, and mine started with the internet’s first light. I’ve seen successes, faced setbacks (like that misadventure with a missing receipt in Iceland), and learned that every stumble is a step towards greater joy.

Empowering You – The Linus Way!

My mantra is simple yet profound: Empowerment infused with happiness. Whether it’s creating customer experiences that make you go “Wow!” or coaching individuals to balance their life’s three critical circles – physical, mental, and financial health – I do it with a touch of delight.

The Three Circles of Life: A Blueprint for Empowerment

In my quest to empower individuals, I advocate a philosophy I call ‘The Three Circles of Life’ – a holistic approach encompassing Physical Health, Mental Health, and Financial Health. This framework is the heartbeat of my mission. Imagine these circles as interconnected gears in the machinery of life; when they work in harmony, they unlock an individual’s fullest potential. Physical Health is the foundation, providing the energy and vitality needed to explore and create. Mental Health offers the clarity and resilience to face life’s challenges with a positive mindset. And Financial Health empowers freedom and choice, enabling individuals to make decisions that align with their true aspirations. By nurturing each of these circles, I guide people to not only live better but also to become the architects of their joy and success. It’s about creating a life that’s not just about surviving, but thriving with a sense of fulfillment and happiness. is about the third circle.

Spreading Smiles, One Strategy at a Time

When I’m not revolutionizing customer experiences for Fortune 100 companies with ‘digital design thinking’, I’m sharing my secrets of strategic joy and design at And yes, I love building websites that are not just user-friendly but also a joyride!

A Melody of Hobbies and Harmonies

Life’s too short not to enjoy! Off the clock, I’m a beat freak, creating music and sharing it with a vibrant online community. It’s about the joy of creation and exploration in every note and beat.

Envisioning a World A Dream Validator venture Smiles

I dream of a world where empowered, joyful individuals make decisions with confidence and a twinkle in their eye. Let’s make life not just about succeeding but also about enjoying every moment of it.

Join the Linus Experience – Let’s Laugh and Learn Together!

Ready to dive into a sea of learning and laughter? Reach out through the site, join my YouTube community for a regular dose of fun insights, or connect on LinkedIn or Adplist. Let’s embark on this joyous journey together!

Your Invitation to a Brighter, Happier Path

Embrace a new approach where learning is a delightful adventure. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for inspiration, empowerment, and, of course, a good laugh. Let’s grow and glow together!