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About Linus Hello! I'm Linus, a dedicated professional coach and strategic designer with a passion for propelling businesses into their next phase of growth. At the heart of my approach is a customer-centric philosophy, tailored for the digital age. With years of hands-on experience and a keen understanding of the digital landscape, I've been fortunate to guide businesses toward realizing their potential, turning insights into action, and small fortunes into sustainable success. My journey hasn't been without its trials; through a blend of perseverance and some strategic thinking, I've navigated the complexities of personal finance and business growth. These experiences have not only shaped my approach to coaching but have also instilled in me the importance of resilience, adaptability, and a forward-thinking mindset. Beyond my professional life, I'm a proud father to two wonderful daughters. They remind me every day of the importance of curiosity, learning, and the joy of discovery. Whether it's exploring new strategies, technologies, or financial models, I believe in the power of testing and learning to foster growth and innovation. At, my goal is to empower you to achieve personal economic freedom. Understanding the path to financial independence is unique for everyone, but on this site I try to help you navigate your journey toward economic liberation. Together, we will explore strategies that align with your values and goals, ensuring that your pursuit of financial freedom is both fulfilling and sustainable. Join me in unlocking the doors to your financial future, where independence and peace of mind await.