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Side hustles for women

Updated 19 April 2024

Updated order of list in the article.

Originally published
26 July 2021

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11 of the Best Side Hustles for Women in 2024

Real ways to use your skills and supplement your income from home

Today, there are endless opportunities when it comes to side hustles for women. The concept of making additional income through part-time jobs has exploded within the past few years, and it’s easy to see why.

Making money on the side can alleviate common financial anxieties and make ambitious goals more attainable. Everyday, more and more women seem to be intrigued by the side hustle prospect; whether you are a full-time corporate employee, a stay at home mom, or a student, there is something you can do to supplement your income. 

A quick Google search will provide a wealth of information about how you can be making money today, leaving you eager and ready for your next professional venture. As you read up, it can get overwhelming to try to understand and learn about all of the different options out there. If you ever find yourself intimidated, know that plenty of the possibilities out there are well within your reach. 

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite side hustles for 2021. In it, you’ll find options for all kinds of different circumstances, time requirements, and earning potential. Let’s get to it!

1. Consulting Sessions 

woman in orange long sleeve shirt using black laptop computer

  Dollarscaler scale: Tactical-Strategic

Income Potential:  $500-$10,000+ per month

If you either have a job you excel at or expertise in a certain field, you can be sure there is someone out there in need of your professional opinion. Whether it’s recent college graduates looking for career advice or industry professionals looking for a valuable opinion, first-hand knowledge and experience can be priceless. 

Your already established professional network is the perfect place to begin! Market your services to people who have already seen your work and can refer you to their contacts. Make a social media profile and spread the word to friends and family; the more people who know about it, the better!  If you’d like, set up profiles on freelancing sites – it’s all about reaching your audience. If you want to try it out without most of the hassle, take for a spinn, they have an excellent free option to get you started.

2. Become a Freelancer

woman in white robe sitting on couch

  Dollarscaler Scale:  Creative and some tactics

Income Potential:  $500-$10,000 per month

As the gig economy booms, the word “freelancer” gets thrown around often, especially in regards to side hustles for women. Being an independent contractor allows you to seamlessly work around your prior commitments, making it ideal if you have other things to juggle. Plus, there are endless services you can offer. 

Copywriting and graphic design, for example, are two fields that are always in high-demand. While freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can almost always feel oversaturated and hard to break into, all you need is to be willing to put in the hard work and the hours to make it happen.

Competition can mean you may have to begin by charging below market value, but it can pay off big time. It’s all about getting those first great reviews to show other potential customers that you truly do possess the skills you are marketing. Freelancers all over the world have shared their best tips and tricks on the internet for you to find… dive in!

Interested in starting on Fiverr?

Our resident Fiverr expert Clarlato just finished an insider step-by-step guide to get you started!

3. Pet Sitting and Walking

Pet Sitting and Walking

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Manual

Income Potential:  $500-$1,500+ per month

Don’t worry – we’re not talking about going door-to-door and handing out flyers with your number on it. Thanks to the internet, apps make this process much more secure, legit, and easy. Pet sitting and walking can be ideal for animal lovers looking to make some extra money in their free time. 

Though different in some ways, apps generally have similar requirements for signing up to the platforms. The walker must be over 18, have a background check, references, and sometimes take a pet care quiz. Since it involves going into people’s homes and being with their pets, this process can take anywhere from 48 hours to a few weeks.

Check out Wag! and Rover – two popular dog walking apps around today. 

4. Airbnb Hosting

brown wooden house near trees during daytime

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $1,000-$2,000+ per month

This side hustle can sound intimidating, but it’s not only about giant vacation rentals on Airbnb. Many times, people find themselves wanting a clean and pleasant place to stay for business trips and quick visits. This option may be perfect if you find yourself traveling frequently, or living between cities and houses. 

You can find all of the detailed requirements and steps to becoming a host right on the Airbnb website. This will require some time and effort, but once you get settled, it can become a lucrative source of income. You can have fun with it, too! Throw in some extra special hospitality touches to really win your guests over. 

5. Social Media Management

MacBook Air on table

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $1,000-$4,000+ per month

It is an understatement to say that social media today has become quite the force. You likely already know how to navigate and work these apps like the back of your hand, so why not manage them for other people or businesses? 

Right now, platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok are one of the main ways in which brands are able to establish their voice and have viral content that pushes their products forward. Fortunately, social media is something you can always learn more about online.

Small businesses are always looking for creative people who can help them grow their online presence. If it’s something you are interested in, don’t wait any longer to get started! The first step is always the hardest. 

6. Work on Your Blog

Work on Your Blog

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $1,00-$40,000+ per month

This is another overwhelmingly popular side hustle for women, and an especially great option if you are patient and consistent. First, write out your interests and passions to figure out what your blog niche is going to be. Everybody has something valuable to share, so all you have to do is find out what works for you. 

For many people who aren’t earning income on the internet, a blog may seem like somewhat of an outdated idea. The truth is, blogs are still extremely popular sources of information, and all of us access them frequently whenever we google a question, look for a recipe, or search for financial advice. The possibilities are endless!

Once you have built an audience, you will be able to make profit off of affiliate links, sponsored deals with brands, and by selling products, for example. 

7. Write An E-Book

Write an e-book

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $10,00-$40,000+ per month

If a blog isn’t your style, take what you have to say and turn it into an e-book! Growing self-publishing platforms like Amazon make it possible to go through this process without having to make any large investments after you’ve gotten to your final product. 
When it comes to ebooks, you’re definitely going to want to use social media for marketing purposes. If you are able to get this off the ground, you’ll be able to rely on some passive income as you focus on the other aspects of your life.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $1,00-$???,000+ per month

Although a blog may be one of the best ways to really make money off of affiliate marketing, it’s definitely not the only way. If you work on other platforms that include large audiences, such as Youtube viewers or your Instagram followers, this may be just right for you.

Affiliate marketing is all about the trust you have built with your audience!

Not sure where to start?

Take the dollarscaler quiz and get help from our team!

9. Flipping Furniture

Flipping Furniture

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $1,000-$30,000+ per month

If you have a knack for DIY projects, flipping furniture can be a great way to earn that extra money. Nowadays, you can find extremely affordable and even free furniture around your area on online platforms like Facebook marketplace. Furniture may be for sale or available for pickup for multiple reasons, and now it’s up to you to give it some new life!

You can hop right back onto the same platforms you found the piece on to sell it. After you give it some new life, make sure to take high quality photos of your product. Give this a try if you have some extra time on your hands and are looking to do something more hands-on rather than just look at a screen.

10. Etsy Shop

person holding two brown knitting tools

 Dollarscaler Scale:  Medium

Income Potential:  $100-$8,000+ per month

It’s no surprise that having a small online business on Etsy is one of the most popular side hustles for women today. Selling on the website is a great way to sell niche crafts like jewelry, candles, or prints. With an already built-in audience, the platform can guide you through how to set up your shop. All you have to do is focus on producing your items and figuring out shipping. 

If you have always wanted to start a small business, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet – you’ll never know if you never try!

11. Delivery Services

Delivery as side hustle

Dollarscaler Scale:  Manual

Income Potential:  $100-$2,000+ per month

The earning potential here will vary greatly depending on both your location and your mode of transportation. If you live in a dense urban area and have a car, for example, it may be something to look into.

Delivery services can also be a good side hustle for women who have complicated schedules, as it can often be a job that you can quickly turn on and off on your phone.

As always, make sure to look into the requirements for each app before you commit.

Picking the right path is an important step in this process. Side hustles can often be appealing for their flexibility, but there are other aspects to consider as well. You want those payments, but you also need to make sure that whatever direction you choose to go in is sustainable! Stop to think about the profitable skills you possess, as well as your interests and what you are willing to invest. Good luck! 

Hi ya! I hope you found a side hustle that inspire you to take action!

There’s only one wrong way to make a hustle, and that is to not do it.