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The dollarscaler model


It’s pretty simple. You want to get to the top, but sometimes you have to start at the bottom. Let’s dive in to the most simple explanation of how to generate wealth – ever.

Let’s make you a dollarscaler in 3 min.

There are three major elements to get you to a place of financial security. Starting from the top they are strategy, tactics and the practical steps you take. It’s not rocket science but you can come back to this page if you need money right now. If you have three minutes, keep reading.


These are the daily steps you do that generates money. Be it from your regular work or side grind or even passive income. This is the doing part.


This is where you reflect on your daily activities and make them more effective, look at the processes (the steps you take in sequence) and map them out.  Tactics is your playbook.


This is your plan to get where you want to be. You will use your tactics to reach the goals of your strategy. So to be smart, find things in the practical that eventually can aid your strategy.

Three stages of Practical.

Starting at the base, we break down the practical steps in to three categories. This is so that you can see in a glance if this is something for you or not.




Manual labour

This is the physical parts of doing your work. Some ways of making money are more physical than other. 

Creative work

Creative is more about connecting the dots and often involve adding something complementary or unique to add to the whole. 

Administrative tasks

Often associated with logic, reason and structure. If you find that you like order then you will probably enjoy administration. 

"We learn what we learn, do what we do and if we are kind, we teach what we learned"

– Linus Öhman

You need all three aspects of the practical part to pursue something higher up in the pyramid.

You can make OK money just focusing on any one particular pillar in the practical pyramid, but if you want to scale you need to have a plan for all three.

The word Tactic originates from the Ancient Greek τακτική taktike, meaning art of arrangement.

Tactical work

Tactics is something we can develop ones we have a clear understanding of the steps involved in in the practical work. A line manager knows the steps of a process and can help manage or orchestrate building the thing the line has been created for. Knowing the practical steps that create value is key. Ones you know them, and have them mapped out – you can outsource the practical parts. You can automate some or most of the parts of the process. You can basically design yourself out of the equation and still retain control and get revenue from the business. 

Your strategy is your long term plan.

Where do I compete? How am I unique in the value I bring? How do I stay on top of the rest? How do I live a life with control and happiness?

"Think strategically, act tactically to control practically everything"


Now you are a dollarscaler in theory.

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